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Events and Comments

"Events and Comments"
NC Pre K classes follow the Public Schools of Robeson County (PSRC) schedule including holidays,
teacher workdays, weather closings/delays, etc. unless noted otherwise. 
You may find information about weather delays/closings on the PSRC website or television stations broadcasting
current weather conditions in our area.
Families who have children turning 4 years old on or before August 31 now have the opportunity to
apply for our 2018-2019 NC Pre K Program.  NC Pre K children receive free preschool services in a
small, private school setting at Cottonwood and Wee Farm.

What does this mean? 
This means your preschool child can learn the skills needed to succeed in kindergarten in a small classroom environment with teachers who hold college degrees
in early childhood education. 

At Cottonwood and Wee Farm, we don't have hundreds of children or dozens of classrooms that will overwhelm your preschool child.  Because our campus is small, we become closely acquainted with our children and their families.  Need to see your child or his/her teacher during the day?  No problem.  There is no waiting for someone to call your child to the office.  We have an open door policy, so you may go directly to your child's room at any time.  How's that for being able to see your child without a hassle?  That can happen on a small, close-knit campus such as ours.

NC Pre K Family Testimonials
MH: We are proud of our son. It (our son's NC Pre K experience at Cottonwood) has been a pleasure.
HC: It breaks our heart that our son has to leave Ms. Vanna (for kindergarten). She has set high standards for our son's kindergarten teacher.
CR: Thank you for loving my son and making him feel welcome in your (Ms. Vanna's) class.
JR: We love Cottonwood and tell all our friends about it!

Cottonwood and Wee Farm
Ms. Teresa visits our sites the last Wednesday of each month (except June & July).  Ms. Teresa teaches our children the importance of acceptance and character through songs, games, and stories. 
Ms. Donna teaches dance to our children once each month through the school year.
Ms. Lauren will begin monthly voice lessons for preschoolers in September 2018.

NC Pre K classes will not be in session Monday, January 21 in celebration of Martin Luther King Jr.

Cottonwood Pre-Elementary Only

WEE FARM Learning Center Only
We have undergone our ECERS assessment for the NC Pre K Class.  Wee Farm scored very high (6.22 out of a possible 7 points), and we are very proud of our staff and children!  Way to go!!!

Choose higher quality preschool education for your child!!  Enroll your preschool child in our free-and top ranked- preschool program.  Visit or call our sites for more info.
Cottonwood 618-1300
Wee Farm 738-6070

These institutions are equal opportunity providers.
Cottonwood and Wee Farm provide meals and snacks meeting USDA requirements.
Please visit http://www.nutritionnc.com/nondiscrimination.htm for more information.

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